The "right" answer for the long term is more important than an "easy" answer for the short term.

It can be difficult to stick to one’s investment principles in the face of extreme market pressures. Throughout the years, investors have been tested on a number of occasions. Our portfolio managers believe that the most significant factor leading to our outstanding investment record for over 30 years is our unwavering commitment to a rigorous and disciplined investment philosophy and security selection process through thick and thin.

We believe it’s simple: a good financial plan is the key to making the right financial decisions and building long-term wealth.

Each investor is different, and understanding these differences is an important part of our process. To discern the right answers for you, we offer wealth planning as part of our service. This means developing an integrated financial and investment plan tailored to your circumstances. We believe the planning process assists clients to articulate an appropriate set of investment objectives. This guides our portfolio managers as we structure portfolios to balance opportunity and risk.

We believe in regular and active communication. We are available for the review and discussion of your portfolio at any time.

We regard straightforward communication as the most important factor for earning your confidence – in us and our approach. It is key to your success in sticking to the financial plan we have developed together.

Our Promise to You

Our commitment is to work closely with you to build a deep understanding of your needs and objectives, and to develop trust in each other. We will create a tailored financial plan to keep you on track and develop realistic investment objectives. We will create an investment plan for you that most appropriately balances risks and opportunities.

We will remain true to our investment discipline and not be distracted by the regular gyrations in economies and markets. Investment success requires clear investment objectives, a disciplined investment program, common sense and the courage to stick to a plan through market cycles. Investing is a marathon, not a sprint.

Our approach will provide you with the peace of mind to focus on all the other important aspects of your life. You will have confidence that you can achieve your financial goals.

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