Wealth Planning

Guiding Investors With Thoughtful Wealth Planning

We believe it’s simple: a good plan is the key to making the right financial decisions and building long-term wealth.

Invest in Your Financial Peace of Mind

Our wealth planning process is tailored to the specific needs of each of our clients. It will assist you with tax efficiency, estate planning and investment structuring. Establishing your goals, determining your risk tolerance, and assessing your financial situation are the cornerstones of our wealth planning process.

Affluent individuals and families generally find it useful to group their financial objectives in four key areas:

LifestyleCapital Expenditures

The planning exercise will help you identify and prioritize your goals, and guide you through decisions such as when to retire and how to structure your estate or family trust most effectively.

And it doesn’t end there. Any time a change occurs in your life that could affect your financial future, we will update your plan and walk you through how these changes effect the path to achieving your goals and objectives. Through flexible planning, Nexus will be there to provide guidance during life’s major events.

Your Long-Term Success

Open communication and regular reviews are critical to long-term success – success that is demonstrated by our high client retention rate and over 30 years of proven investment track record.

Independent Advice

Nexus is truly independent. We receive no commissions or other incentives to promote particular strategies or ‘products’. You will benefit from counsel that is based solely on objective analysis, industry experience, and the Nexus commitment to honest and open communication.

Private Clients

Building wealth… an integrated approach.

As a discretionary portfolio manager, Nexus provides investment management to private clients founded on wealth planning strategies catered to your needs.

Holistic in our approach, our planning process includes arranging portfolios tax effectively so clients and their families have a foundation for planning key life decisions. One of the most important outcomes of the wealth planning process is an agreement on your asset mix which acts as a link between your goals and your investment strategy. Once that strategy has been determined, we customize an investment program for you. We implement it by applying our investment philosophy and process, which are centred on two key attributes that our typical investor clientele share:

The need for regular income and;the importance of preserving capital.


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Wealth Planning
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