Investment Management

Disciplined Investing for the Long Term

We exercise a straightforward investment style focused on capital preservation and long-term performance.

Portfolio Management

We structure client portfolios to do three things:

produce superior investment returns over the long-term
preserve capital in down markets
and dampen the distracting ups and downs in volatile times

It’s a disciplined and patient philosophy. We apply our growth­-at-a-reasonable-price (“GARP”) process to select stocks that offer both growth and defensiveness. Read more about ‘Our Process’ and its impact on our investment track record.

Most clients achieve the right blend of diversification, customization and cost efficiency by holding a combination of the pooled funds we manage. For some clients with special circumstances, their needs may be better met with a segregated account.

Nexus Pooled Funds

Nexus funds share Nexus’s investment management approach and are designed for the long-term investor. They are all RRSP/RRIF eligible.

The Nexus North American Pooled Fund family is internally managed by Nexus and includes:


Nexus North American Equity Fund

Primarily focused on Canadian and U.S. stocks and is designed for the long-term investor.

Fund Objective: To provide superior long-term investment returns through the capital appreciation of equity securities.


Nexus North American Balanced Fund

Invested more conservatively in a mix of investment-grade bonds and stocks primarily from Canada and the U.S.

Fund Objective: To provide superior long-term investment returns through a balanced portfolio of equity and debt securities.


Nexus North American Income Fund

Has at least 80% of its portfolio invested in investment-grade bonds, with the balance in other income-oriented securities.

Fund Objective: To preserve capital and provide consistent distributable income through investment in North American fixed income securities.

Investing in International Markets

Nexus also offers a non-North American solution for clients interested in investing in international markets:


Nexus International Equity Fund:

A high-quality, long-term fund consisting of equities from both developed and emerging international markets.

Fund Objective: To provide superior long-term investment returns through the capital appreciation of equity securities of non-North American issuers.

The fund is comprised of two established strategies in emerging and developed markets each managed by JPMorgan, a high-quality international manager whose philosophy and process is consistent with our own. Given the International Equity Fund’s exclusive focus outside Canada and the U.S., it is an ideal complement to the investment expertise found at Nexus.

What is a Segregated Account?

Segregated accounts hold specific equity and fixed income securities for clients who may have particular investment needs that cannot be accommodated by our pooled funds. The advantage of segregated account management is that it can be tailored precisely to the client’s individual circumstance, goals and risk tolerances. That being said, all of our investment services share Nexus’s investment management philosophy and are designed for the long-term investor.

Private Clients

Building Wealth… an integrated approach.

As a discretionary portfolio manager, Nexus provides investment management to private clients founded on a process that is tailored to the specific needs of each client. Some arrive in the office with a clear understanding of their investment objectives, while others use our wealth planning services to assist them in their goal setting.
Wealth planning is thoughtfully integrated into the investment management process to create a clear road map for achieving your desired financial objectives and the long-term growth of your portfolio given your own personal appetite for risk.



High-Touch Service

On an ongoing basis, you will benefit from Nexus’s high-touch client service model – and the proof is our remarkably loyal client base and high recommendation rates. Our ultimate goal is to give you peace of mind that your assets are being looked after prudently, and with purpose.

Foundations & Endowments

We have been in your shoes. Long-term growth and a focus on preserving capital are key components of our investment approach.

Nexus has a long and successful history of managing portfolios for foundations and endowments. Nexus principals have chaired or have been members of investment committees of many charities, so we understand what it is like to be in your shoes. Accordingly, we have designed our business so that members of your committee can properly fulfill their responsibilities as fiduciaries.

The investment team recognizes the characteristics not-for-profit portfolios share with those of many private clients: the need for regular income and the difficulty of replacing capital. To that end, long-term growth and a focus on preserving capital are key components of our investment approach.

Foundations differ from other institutional investors:

  • ‘In perpetuity’ time horizon
  • Limited ability to replace capital
  • Absolute return requirement to cover mandatory spending policies
  • Inflation-sensitive investment approach – protect capital against erosion
  • Minimize downside volatility

How We Approach Foundations and Endowments

We begin by structuring the portfolio according to a goals-based plan and your Foundation’s Investment Policy Statement, taking into consideration the Foundation’s spending policies, investment objectives and risk tolerance. Next, we analyze how various factors impact the longevity of the Foundation’s assets. Then we implement an agreed-upon strategy that is customized to the client. Finally, we monitor and report on the assets of the Foundation, mindful that the Trustees have important fiduciary roles to fulfill.

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