Bigger is not Always Better Q3 | November 2018

A quarterly publication sharing the firm’s news, our views on investing and planning.

Quarter 3 | November 2018 | November 2018

From the Editor: Don’t Jump Without a Parachute

Dianne White, CPA, CA, CFP, TEP, The month of October seems to have a bad reputation for being scary and this has nothing to do with Halloween. The crash of 1929 was an October event

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Bigger is not Always Better

Alex Jemetz, CIM, “The asset management sector in Canada is in a consolidation phase with privately held firms being snapped up amid heightened competition.” (1)

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Movin’ On Up: What Rising Rates Could Mean for Your Fixed Income Returns

Alana R. Buckley CPA, CA, CFA, Since 2016, interest rates have been rising gradually. The increase in the pace and consistency of the move has resulted in frequent conversations

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Nexus Celebrates 30 at our Annual Client Presentation

Nicole M. Weiss, Our Annual Client Presentation is approaching! Last year was the biggest client turn-out in the 13 years we have held this event, and this year we

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Jobs For All!

Devin Crago, CFA, Reading is one of the principal occupations in our profession. As we digest a wide range of material, interesting ideas and surprising facts – some

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