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A quarterly publication sharing the firm’s news, our views on investing and planning.

Quarter 3 | October 2019 | October 2019

From the Editor: Happy New *Planning* Year

Dianne White, CPA, CA, CFP, TEP, As the weather cools and the leaves begin to change colour, it seems to me that fall is the more natural start of a new year compared to the start of

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Living in a World of Lilliputian Interest Rates

Geoff Gouinlock, CFA, One of the most important developments in global capital markets over the last many years has been the prevalence of abnormally low interest rates.

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What to Expect from Expected Returns

Brad Weber, CPA, CA, CFP, The foundation of financial planning often starts with financial models that are used to make projections into the future. Those projections rely on

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A New Face At Nexus

Nicole Weiss, We are happy to announce Brad Weber as the newest member of the Nexus team. As Vice President Client Services & Financial Planning, Brad will work

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51% of the World Population Uses the Internet; The Hand That Feeds You; Google’s YouTube

Devin Crago, CFA, Reading is one of the principal occupations in our profession. As we digest a wide range of material, interesting ideas and surprising facts – some

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