Nexus “Update Questionnaire”

The purpose of the update questionnaire is to ensure we have up to date information about your goals and circumstances so that we can manage your portfolio consistent with them.

Your questionnaire

  • Is unique to you
  • Renders best on a tablet or computer (not a smartphone)
  • Requires 4 things to access it:

      1. A link (contained in the email sent to you)
      2. Your email address
      3. Your date of birth, entered in the following format: 2021-12-25 (including hyphens)
      4. Your cellphone (to receive a 6-digit code via text message for confirming your identity)

Questions on the questionnaire

  • Consist of 2 types:
      1. Short-answer: provide only a single box for your answer
      2. Multiple-answer: allow for multiple answers, rows or entries
        • Create a new answer – click +New Entry
        • Change an existing answer – click Edit
        • Save an answer – click Save (your answer will NOT be saved without this step)
  • Will show your answers from the previous year’s questionnaire (if any)
    • Amend, remove or add to previous answer(s), as required
    • Otherwise, tick red box beside No Change to Previous Answer

Completing the questionnaire

  • No need to complete it all at once
    • Click Save to Complete Later (at bottom) to save your answers so far
    • Use the link provided in the original email to return later to
      • Revise answers you saved earlier
      • Answer remaining questions
  • Submit completed questionnaire to Nexus by clicking All Done – Send to Nexus (at bottom)

Security of your questionnaire

  • Link provided in original email uniquely identifies your questionnaire
  • Only you can access your questionnaire on the portal, as 4 things are required:
      1. The link sent to you by email
      2. Your email address
      3. Your date of birth
      4. A one-time, 6-digit code sent via text message to your cellphone
  • Your questionnaire exists on the portal only
    • From the time you receive the email about it
    • Until you submit it (by clicking the All Done – Send to Nexus button)
  • Inaccessible questionnaires are erased from the portal after submission

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