Nexus Report

The Nexus Report is where you’ll find a comprehensive review of each quarter, including our four Nexus pooled funds and our thoughts on the market outlook.

2017 Reports

Q1 | March 2017
The first quarter of 2017 offered investors around the world much to smile about. Three months ago we wrote about how the U.S. stock market moved
Q2 | June 2017
After a great run in stock markets around the world, June provided a sobering reminder that markets do not go up endlessly. The TSX Composite provided
Q3 | September 2017
The third quarter of 2017 turned out to be another fine quarter for equity investors. Canadian stocks rebounded strongly, and the TSX Composite return
Q4 | December 2017
U.S. stock market returns were terrific in 2017. The S&P 500 generated a total return (in US dollars) of 21.8%, and has compounded at a rate of 20.8%

2016 Reports

Q1 | March 2016
Like a bone-rattling roller coaster ride, the first three months of 2016 offered plenty of thrills for investors. The first five days of stock market
Q2 | June 2016
In the first six months of 2016 Canada’s stock market surged higher, generating a total return of 9.8%. It gives the impression that all is well in
Q3 | September 2016
After struggling through 2015, the Canadian stock market has been red hot in 2016. The TSX Composite rose another 5.5% in the last quarter to be up
Q4 | December 2016
Last year at this time we were enduring the worst start to a year ever experienced in U.S. stock markets. The Dow Jones Industrial Average plunged

2015 Reports

Q1 | March 2015
In the first three months of 2015 returns on client portfolios were excellent. As an example, the Nexus Equity Fund was up 5.7% and the Balanced Fund
Q2 | June 2015
After a strong start to 2015, investment returns moderated in the past quarter. Many stock markets around the world posted small losses. For example
Q3 | September 2015
The summer of 2015 was an unsettling time for investors. After a reasonably strong July, stock markets around the world sank in August and September
Q4 | December 2015
For most Canadian investors, 2015 felt like a terrible year. Headlines chronicled the collapse in oil prices, and the havoc that continues to wreak on

2014 Reports

Q1 | March 2014
After such great returns in 2013, many investors worried they were due for more challenging times in 2014. Such has not been the case! During the
Q2 | June 2014
As we celebrated July 1, Canadians had more to be grateful for than 147 wonderful years of our nation’s history. Those attuned to financial markets
Q3 | September 2014
The third quarter of 2014 came in like a lamb and went out like a lion, at least from an investment point of view. Stock markets around the world
Q4 | December 2014
2014 proved to be another excellent year in financial markets. Most stock markets around the world increased in value, although none quite so dramatic