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A balanced approach to investing; saving in a professional corporation... and more.

Quarter 1 | March 2022 | April 2022

From the Editor: Stick to the Plan

Brad Weber, CPA, CA, CFP, We are only a few months into the year, and it feels like a lot has already happened. The pandemic has passed its second anniversary, although it’s

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A Balanced Approach – A Good Choice for Troubling Times and All Time

Jim Houston, CIM, FCSI, Mercifully, there have only been a handful of occasions in my adult life when I have repetitively awoken to the task of discovering what sorts of

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Saving in my Professional Corporation – It’s a Great Idea!

Brad Weber, CPA, CA, CFP, The ability for professionals in Canada to incorporate their practice has existed for some time. Doctors, dentists, lawyers, accountants, and other

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The Case for Openness – An Open and Shut Case?

Fergus Gould, CFA, From time immemorial, mankind has been open. Open to new ideas, open to trade, and open to migration – the three critical ingredients for progress.

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Nexus News Flash!

Nicole Weiss, Putting Investors First with Client Focused Reforms; We want to hear from you!

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