Living to 100: Beyond the Limits of Luck

Nicole (Weiss) Louthe 

June 30, 2023

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Living to 100: Beyond the Limits of Luck

Featuring Karen Henderson, an expert in the field of long-term care and founder of the Long Term Care Planning Network, our event tackled the realities around “living to 100“, and what it could mean for you and your family.

Karen addressed practical issues, such as:

  • Aging with independence, dignity and control
  • Long-term care planning
  • The art and science of family communication

Note: the volume is unfortunately quite low in this video, so we recommend turning on subtitles (found at the “CC” icon on the bottom right of the playbar) and adjusting your device volume to enhance your viewing experience. Captions are auto-generated. Our apologies for the inconvenience.